Friday, October 29, 2010

Sweet Temptations...

Dear Louise,

My friend Sushi and I were wandering around in the cold..and stumbled upon this pleasant surprise of the cutest little boutique bakery that makes you wish you had a birthday as well as 5 kgs of extra hip space to spare...Filled with the prettiest little pastries and tarts, we blinded the saleslady with our flashes..but it was worth it because we got to taste all the little display macaroons. They have everything from black sesame cheesecake, to sweet potato madeleines...I’ll take you as soon as you’re here...For more info you should check out..

Miss you...

From Shanghai, with love xoxo


Hello from Zhongshan Park!

Hello From Zhongshan Park!  or what I like to call Herald Square East. Sometimes when I am in Starbucks on South Changning Lu I like to peer out at the Starbucks on North Changning lu and wonder what the people are like over there.  Will Starbucks be cheaper over there, and will they have the same variety of pastries;0) I love Zhongshan Park! Can I tell you that I am in love with Will's Gym ( and their too-cool-for-school trainers, and in the heart of this busy district is Zhongshan Park (yes an actual park-hence the name). Walk deep enough in and you forget you are in a bustling metropolis AND there is a women selling bunny rabbits (okay, I actually don't know if she is selling them). Next week the paddle boats!

From Shanghai, with Love....


Lost in lonely corners...

Dear Louise,

I've taken to wandering lost little corners that feel more authentic than the feeling of a constant need to Westernize. I finally got lost in what seemed to be a little lost corner lost in the bustle of the French Concession. It was refreshing to see what seemed like a true feeling of what Shanghai is going through, lost corners of traditions that dont want to keep up with the invasion...Its strange to see a city growing infront of your eyes...You stumble up on the old while searching for the new...At moments you feel as if youre in the biggest cosmopolitian of cities, and at other you are able to see the naked roots 
from which it came from. Shanghai is truly growing infront of our eyes..and holds a mysterious future. Can't wait till you're here..

with love from Shanghai..xoxo